Kiki Valera

The oldest son of the famous La Familia Valera Miranda septet, Enrique (Kiki) Valera Alarcón is considered by many to be Cuba's greatest living cuatro player. He is also a multi-instrumentalist (tres, guitar, bass, keyboards & percussion), composer, arranger, sound engineer & producer.


Kiki picked up the Cuban tres under the guidance of his famous father Felix when he was just a kid. He attended one of the most prestigious music schools in Cuba, the Conservatorio Esteban Salas in Santiago de Cuba & by 15 was touring internationally. 


During his years as an electronic engineering student, Kiki co-founded the Cuban group Septeto Turquino which is still active today. In the early 90's, he played cuatro and keyboards in the popular salsa group Los Karachi, also still active today. By the mid-90’s, Kiki was busy recording & touring as La Familia Valera Miranda became famous across Europe & the rest of the world.


After 25 years of directing La Familia Valera Miranda, Santiago de Cuba’s most beloved Cuban son septet, international recording artist Kiki Valera has moved to Seattle, WA where he is working with a new lineup of talented musicians.




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